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Installing and Configuring User Profile Synchronization Service in SharePoint 2010

  User Profile Synchronization seems to be a headache for everybody that tries to set it up. There is a great write up on how to get it working found here  Since the author did such a good job I will not try and duplicate it here. Rather I will summarize the process with […]

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SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update (patches) released!

The first round of Cumulative Updates has been released for SharePoint 2010. They are not packaged into 1 install yet but rather 6 individual packages. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010: KB 2028568 – Download Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: KB 983319 – Download KB 983497 – Download KB 2182938 – (localized Japanese only) – Download KB 2281364 […]

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Configure Partitioned Search Service Application With Powershell

SharePoint 2010 has this wonderful new Multi Tenant feature, but when you click new search service application, or run the farm configuration wizard, it doesn’t provision the application in a partitioned mode and therefore cannot utilize this new Multi tenancy features. What’s worse is you can’t go back and change it after the fact either. […]

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What File Server Locations Should Be Excluded From Antivirus Scanning For SharePoint

SharePoint performance is always an important topic and key to user adoption. If your SharePoint sites are running slow or inconsistently your users aren’t going to like it. There are numerous different things that you can do to improve performance of your SharePoint front end web servers, applications servers, and most importantly your SQL servers. […]

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How to include SharePoint version number in an Office document label

So you thought it would be a great idea to automatically add a label to your office documents with its title and current version number according to SharePoint. But then you realize that you can’t automatically include the version number in a label. You can include the revision number stored in the office document but […]

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